Why This Membership

The price of therapy and the time it takes to go or even finding the right therapist for you can be a headache. So what can you do in the meantime when you need the help and support for your mental heath? Not to mention finding a person to help you financially plan seems to be non-existent. What if you had one place to go to work on both. Now you do!! You can use this membership site to uncover your own self-work!!!! Check out the courses below. All of this for less than a co-pay/month!!
I'm ready for my mind to change


Developing a new version of yourself by editing the elements of existing patterns and adding new features to unblock past and move on into a new future.

  • Mental Health

    Are you concerned about fears of the past that's leading to depression or maybe you are overly concerned about your future causing you to be paralyzed by Anxiety. This course will help you gain better insight into your MENTAL HEALTH symptoms and tools you can use.

  • Meet A Mental Health Therapist

    Are you looking for a therapist but unsure where to start? This course will be interviews of multiple therapist you can connect with and a download of their best tools they like to use with clients.

  • Extra

    Do you find yourself maximizing your failure and minimizing your successes? Do you need just a little EXTRA support and inspiration to break through to the next level? This course will highlight exclusive Acronymns Dr. Rosché uses with clients and speaking audiences to remix your thinking.

  • Rethink your Money

    Is your money not right and it is causing stress in your spirit and mind? Use this section to become more financially literate and RETHINK YOUR MONEY. Learn appropriate saving strategies, how to build long term assets, and increase your cash flow

  • Self Love

    Do you often forget you are the worthiest person you know? Enjoy the journey of Self Love using the technique from Dr. Rosché first book "The 31 Day Self Love Challenge"

  • Community

    Need to up level your circle and get connected to like minded people. When you learn through the courses and monthly zoom calls you will meet incredible women just like you who are changing their lives. Often, we will meet up and experience something new together.

Your Membership Includes

  • Lessons from 6 categories listed above

  • Monthly Virtual Live Lesson with Dr. Rosché

  • Access to Private Facebook Group for ongoing questions/answers

  • Access to Quarterly In person "Rethinking Workshops"

  • Discounted live seminars and retreats

Pricing options

All of this for less than a co-pay per month

Meet Dr. Rosché

"Doctor of Rethinking"

  • Dr. Rosché Brown

    Rethinking Professor

    Dr. Rosché Brown

    Dr. Rosché Brown is affectionally known as the “Doctor of Rethinking.” As a licensed clinical psychologist, radio guest, and professor, Dr. Brown challenges her audience members to “remix” their thinking to cause a mind shift into a “new way” of being on the journey of spiritual, psychological, and Financial Empowerment. In her blended approach of spiritual teachings and life applications, Dr. Rosché delivers impactful teachings in workshops, motivational talks and one-on-one coaching sessions. She infuses psychological principles in her interactions to create rich and deep experiential learning environments. On Sunday mornings listeners tune into 106.1 KMEL’s World Hit Gospel Show, where they hear Dr. Rosché, along-side Tinka & Bishop Keith Clark, to hear her integration of spirituality and mental health. Dr. Rosché solidified her commitment to life-long learning by achieving her Psy.D. in Psychology from Argosy University at the amazing age of twenty-five. She is regarded as thought-leader on remixing clinical and academic principles to serve today’s clientele.