Surely You're Sick And Tired Of Giving Up On Your Dreams and continuing the vicious cycle of "Not Enough"...

You were created to Live Your Dreams, Feel at Peace with Your Money, and Experience Abundance:

  • Rethinking Money University (R3)

    is a year long money program that will guide you to the abundance, peace, and joy you desire with your money.

  • This year long program

    is designed to guide you through a journey of developing a better relationship with money, letting go of shame, developing health boundaries, and of course learning practical money tools to make, manage, and multiply your money.

  • Many times people around us

    including parents and community are not good with their money and often unintentionally teach us poor money habits that result in a life filled with feeling of shame, anxiety, and depression. I will help you break these money habits with these 5 components.


    5 Components to having peace with money which include Manifestation, Mindset, Making Money, Managing Money, Multiplying Money

  • Apply Financial Principles

    Learn financial education about "How Money Works"

  • Change Your Money Mindset

    Your Relationship With Money Starts In Your Mind

  • Break Up w/ Old Self

    Develop New Habits with Money And Self

  • Monetize Your Gifts

    Turn Your Pain into Profits

Changing Yourself Requires You to... Check Your P.A.C.E!

Accountability is key in the changing process, but we need someone to be accountable to who keeps us on task when we want to give up on ourselves. What if you had someone to guide you along side a group of "Rethinkers" who were striving for similar goals as you and wanting you to WIN!

I am so ready to JOIN

Let’s break it all down.


  • 12 Monthly Financial Masterclasses + 3 bonus sessions ($3000 value)

  • 12 Group Coaching Calls + Pop up Sessions ($5000 value)

  • 12 E-Coaching Accountability Forms with Feedback ( $3000 value)

  • ​Excitement, Energy, and Renewed sense of purpose and accomplishment (PEACE)

There's More

Workbooks you can use as tools to objectively see what's happening with your money and your mindset. Now you can bring the DATA and not the DRAMA
Join Your New Life
There's More

That's well over $11,000 value for...

You'd actually be crazy not to ;)

Meet Your Instructor

  • Dr. Rosché Brown

    Rethinking Professor

    Dr. Rosché Brown

    Dr. Rosché Brown is affectionally known as the “Doctor of Rethinking.” As a licensed clinical psychologist, radio guest, and professor, Dr. Brown challenges her audience members to “remix” their thinking to cause a mind shift into a “new way” of being on the journey of spiritual, psychological, and Financial Empowerment. In her blended approach of spiritual teachings and life applications, Dr. Rosché delivers impactful teachings in workshops, motivational talks and one-on-one coaching sessions. She infuses psychological principles in her interactions to create rich and deep experiential learning environments. On Sunday mornings listeners tune into 106.1 KMEL’s World Hit Gospel Show, where they hear Dr. Rosché, along-side Tinka & Bishop Keith Clark, to hear her integration of spirituality and mental health. Dr. Rosché solidified her commitment to life-long learning by achieving her Psy.D. in Psychology from Argosy University at the amazing age of twenty-five. She is regarded as thought-leader on remixing clinical and academic principles to serve today’s clientele.